Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Mr Fishtz.

Mr Fishtz sits to the left of Theresa. He is beyond personal criticism - smart black shirt open under an expensive black suit, dividing its crisply ironed shape in perfect symmetry.
They talk on a park bench within plain view of the pigeons, that watch them intently, a squirrel, runs down a tree and sits to the left of Mr. Fishtz, staring at him. Mr Fishtz is attempting to demonstrate to Theresa one of the many puzzles of life that consume him. Theresa has only recently shown any inclination towards Mr Fishtz. Previously, she had hidden in obscurity, pretending to be someone else, somewhere else and her name had been Alison. But, he does not know that.

Mr Fishtz is fascinated by patterns of all kinds. In nature, in abstract theory, in art, in textures, in fabrics. The patterns, that exists in the eyes of mysterious women. Also, Silence is a favourite indulgence of his. Silence is the truth of existence. He will often stare at the foam dissolving in a latte, forming specific universes, sometimes life. The sound of screaming will often stop him in his tracks as he tries to listen to the tone, to see if the scream is genuine or not.
While these concepts hold a genuine fascination for him, there is one that dominates him, and has grown in its compulsion throughout the years. His interest here is purely personal. It seems inferior compared to his other pursuits, but remains his secret passion.

He will scan the World Wide Web for images, for articles, for groups that share his secret. There is an inner longing in him that sometimes finds expression, if he meets a woman that has what he needs. His secret passion is for feet and toes. He adores and worships them, the feet and toes of beautiful women, wonderful girls. He admires, the shape, the form, the structure, the skin, the arch, and the size.

The bewildering variety of feet and toes dazzles him. So many glorious feet, so many beautiful wiggling toes. His favourite season is summer, when he can watch sandaled feet for hours, as he sits on park benches. Theresa, one day had sat next to him, eating a packed lunch and feeding the birds and a squirrel. Mr Fishzt glanced down at her feet and for the first time in his foot fetish life, saw to his absolute joy. A pair of delectable perfect feet and toes, belonging to a very attractive and sensual woman. Her feet and toes had to be his. Mr Fishtz is a very private and shy man and deciding to make the effort and talk to a stranger was a hard thing for him to do. The woman next to him sits attentively, staring at the view of the park, eating her food slowly, a tartan skirt splayed slightly, its pleats resting gently on each other, like inflated air pockets forming inside a parachute as it touches water. Mr Fishtz deliberates on this image awhile, not too long, of course - long enough to glimpse dark folds resting on each other, patterned light just visible through the surface.

'Excuse me, I am terribly sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you realise that the statue over there was created only recently as part of an art installation by NAKE REZO?'
'No, sir. I did not know that, is it a shape?' she whispers.
'Yes, very good. I am a great admirer of his work. In essence it's all very simple. Its all about shape and liquid and desire, do you know of his work?'
He takes out from his thin leather briefcase an A4 book. He opens it and shows her each page, images and designs, photographs and words by the artist known as NAKE REZO. Finally when he has finished, he looks at her and smiles. ‘Oh excuse me, I am terribly rude, my name is Mr. Fishtz, but you can call me Fishtz.’
She has observed everything in silence. She smiles back at him. ‘Hello, my name is Theresa.’ They shake hands and Mr. Fishtz, continues. As he speaks he regularly and subtly glances at her feet and toes.

'' Yes, the artist is weird and disturbing, even scatological, very influenced by shapes, liquids, starkness of existence and he has a new exhibition opening this week called The 13 issues, perhaps you would like to go? “
Mr Fishtz, surprises himself by being so forward, but each time he glances at her feet and toes, looks at her eyes and hears a her voice. Something strange and wonderful happens to his mind.
At this moment a striped fly lands on the hem of Theresa's skirt as it opens out slightly over the edge of the bench. Should he say anything? Mr. Fishtz thinks of folding wings. As a child he was terrified of these small hovering creatures whose sudden shifts of direction you could not anticipate. Should he say something? She looks at him, unblinking, innocent and shy.
'Yes, I think I would like that.'

Mr. Fishtz sees the fly crawl along her thigh and suddenly there are more flies around them both. She scratches the skin under the pleats of her skirt. She ignores the flies, Mr. Fishtz swats at them, cursing.
'Perhaps we should move?' He asks.’ maybe we could go for a coffee?”
Mr. Fishtz sees a complete image, of which every moment is magical and she is in his arms whispering and he his touching her hair and gazing at her feet as they lie together on a large comfortable sofa.

'Now it's time to massage you wonderful feet my love.' Mr.Fishtz says out loud.
'Feet?' Theresa questions. Mr Fishtz, looks surprised, embarrassed and shakes his head in apology. “Sorry, I am just thinking out loud about the exhibition.”

Theresa rests her hands on her knees, holding one knee between thumb and index finger. Mr Fishtz does the same but he holds the opposite side with the same fingers of his other hand.
She watches him and he looks at her. Nothing is said, they are enjoying the silence. Then she looks down at her sandaled feet. She then takes her feet out of the sandals and lifts them up to look at them, she wiggles her toes.

'I hope you don’t mind' she says, stretching her legs out to the air and turning her feet in circular motions like a delicate insect. At the same time, he has a strange feeling, as if indeed she was offering something incredibly precious over to him. He watches her, he watches her feet, he admires her legs and thighs and wondered if this was what love feels like.

She does not say anything. He can see she is already enjoying the cool breeze on her bare feet and legs. Almost obsessively, she continues to flex her feet and toes, sometimes producing all the 3's, then all the 5's, and eventually all the toes, stretched out, flexed, stretched and a delight to his eyes.

'Can you see a pattern?' she says eventually. He has noticed that she has realized if she concentrates her little toes, then moves on to her bigger toes, she gets into a cyclical sequence.
'Yes,' he almost shouts in her excitement. At this moment, he screams and lifts up her skirt, revealing a naked thigh as the striped fly zooms out.
'Yes, yes, ' he says, recovering quickly and barely noticing how shocked Theresa had momentarily looked. 'Numbers 1, 2, and 3 turn up three times as often as 4, and 5, don't they?'
'Fantastic,' she says, allowing herself a rather demonstrative expression. 'Well done, ' she enthuses again.

Mr. Fishtz sits still - slowly, almost nonchalantly, flipping over his actions in his mind. Why did she not run away? Why did she not slap him? Why is she still sitting with me? 'There is more, you know,' he says. 'There are many variations on the shape of your feet and toes, with more complex structure and form, many more.'

How long have they been at this? The sun has gone down considerably. It will be dark soon. There isn't another person in sight, not even a tramp. Then two schoolgirls whiz by on a bicycle, one girl riding pillion on the tiny hubs of the back axle.

Mr. Fishtz stares at the backs of the girl's knees, her pristine white slouch socks, her browned thighs. My Theresa is not like that, he thinks. Then the mild-mannered, smartly dressed Mr Fishtz hears the impatient sound of Theresa flipping the hem of her skirt. He turns towards her.
There is only her skirt. Her blouse flutters in the evening breeze a few feet away, as do her snow-white knickers and socks. He resists the urge to pick them up.

Then he hears her voice coming, he thinks, from behind him.

‘Fishtz, Fishtz’ He stands up.
'Theresa, where are you?'
'Here, Mr. Fishtz, here.'
'On the bench.'
On the bench, but, there is only her skirt, neatly folded, in the shape of a hexagon, a perfect, kaleidoscopic tartan hexagon.
'Theresa, stop playing games. You're very clever but this is enough.'
'But I am here, in the skirt.'
He is surely going mad. But her breathy, almost asthmatic voice is coming from the very centre of her skirt. He touches it and realizes it has the texture of dry toast.
'Unfold me, Fishtz. Be with me, be with me and my feet, you like m y feet don’t you?'
'I do love your feet Theresa and I love you, you are perfect for me.'
He picks the skirt up and starts to fold and unfold, it is hard, as if starched, almost like cardboard. But the sides are impossible to tell apart. He flexes the shape; sweat beading his brow, for nearly an hour. Occasionally he sees a part of her face appear on one of the triangular sections. Then it disappears, only to appear again on another triangle, in an inverted position.
All the time, she seems to be cooing encouragement, wooing him. She is saying that she is happy where she is. But he has to go on unfolding; he has to be with her.

Sometimes the whole shape opens up into a giant aperture and he sees her in the centre, as if she is stuck in a black hole. Then he bends and twists again, and any hint of her disappears.
At some stage, he notices a pressure on him, a force of some kind. He looks straight down and almost laughs. His shirttail is caught, being pulled towards the centre.
'Come, Mr Fishtz, it is late. You have worked hard enough.' He sees her feet and toes, gripping and pulling on the shirttail.

It is time, he is tired, and he gives himself up. The pressure is too much.
On the bench a crisp, fluttering piece of fabric, lit only by a nearby street lamp, is suddenly lifted up by a gust of wind, and gives out an echoing sigh. A pile of other clothes and a pair of sandals lie scattered, gently fluttering in the breeze.



Friday, May 11, 2007


The Murkyworld of MiSTER ZERO (part 2)

Mister Zero has been spending a lot of time discussing matters of no great importance with Joshua Kane. Recent letters that Joshua Kane has been sending to him as Kane travels the globe, searching for the thing that does not exist, has delighted him. Mister Zero poses in front of the mirror, admiring himself, fondling and stroking his velvet smoking jacket. He has recently hired a secretary, who types and writes in shorthand the words of Mister Zero. She is a young, rather large breasted creature, who worships Mister Zero and will do anything for him. He has strapped her to his fake dentists chair, by her neck and her ankles, her hands are free to take Mister Zero’s dictation, She is partly naked and as Mister Zero dictates to her, he sometimes will walk past her and tweak her eager pink nipples. Her name is not important, which is a good thing, as Mister Zero has forgotten her name and only really likes the idea of her.‘ Mister Kane, I am very pleased with your most recent correspondence to me, one of your most interesting and disturbing letters to date I thought, you must be congratulated sir, and then be placed in a maximum security facility somewhere in the Mojave desert, with only the IT for company, the IT will be dressed in a see through cellophane suit covered in razor blades, for IT will guard you, whilst singing Violator by Depeche Mode.’

Mister Zero then stares out of the window, watching small children be cruel and unusual with a large dog. Mister Zero feels an excitement brewing inside him and he hopes that the dog will kill and eat these small strange children who have invaded his privacy and his acres around the control tower, where Mister Zero hides and abuses his secretary every evening at 9pm (on the dot!). Mister Zero finds that he thinks a regular thought ‘WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? I HATE CHILDREN!!’Mister Zero suddenly realises that the dog is biting into the children and as he watches, his desire becomes more aroused and he thinks to himself.’when will the screaming stop? Is the day close when the farmer will cut the rapeseed and discover the architects decaying skin and bones, one eyeball staring up through the crop circle, to the single puffy white cloud hanging in a clear sky high above?”
Mister Zero watches the dog devour the two small children and lets out a sigh of pleasure, he goes to his secretary, who is whining and mumbling quietly to herself, Mister Zero leans towards her face to hear what she is saying, then he takes from his desk drawer a barbed wire whip (a present from Joshua Kane in 2001) and starts to gently whip her milk white thighs, she wets her panties and it oozes down the fake dentists chair. This pleases Mister Zero then unbinds her mouth, she gasps for air, but Mister Zero takes out his diary and rips pages from 2002 and stuffs it into her mouth and she must eat and swallow these pages down her throat or suffer the consequences, he then forces her mouth shut and quickly from his velvet jacket pocket, brings out silver masking tape and covers her mouth. He then whips her thighs for a few more seconds, and then tells her to continue taking down his dictation; she eagerly complies, doing her best to gulp down the juicy bits of diary pages down her full throat. Mister Zero continues with his letter to Joshua Kane’” do you ever wonder when the septic tank will overflow, offering up it’s cargo of past crimes? The hacked up remains of a life dedicated to order, self-torture and coco-pops?’ Mister Zero glimpses himself in ‘her’ old Victorian mirror, he is breathing deeply, in a trance. The wind is whistling, his mind is twisting. He decides to go and make the usual cup of tea, he carefully lines up a row of spoons and mutters “Nothing ever quite fits does it – I am the Ikea man’ Mister Zero makes his tea, goes back into his study, his secretary is watching him with mad stalker eyes, he wonders if he should cut them out and eat them with pickles. But, not yet, not yet, it is too soon and there is still so much to do, he still has things he wants to show her. He goes up to her and whispers in her ear.
“ I only drink blood if I have to. I prefer the sweaty filth that congeals on the skin of the Unwanted” His secretary moans and writhes in her chair, speckles of blood oozing out from the barbed wire slash wounds, Mister Zero watches her coldly, he is not very interested in her at the moment, she is becoming predictable and Mister Zero does not like predictable. Mister Zero takes out his recording device and whispers into it. “Time biology time belief time shapes time breath time aloneness time self time others time man-made time natural time create time nothing”

He looks out of his window again, he never gets tired of the view, the dog has now been joined by other stray dogs, they are all devouring what is left of the small children, Mister Zero feels a little joy as this now means that there will be no evidence of this slaughter and the children will no longer steal apples from his tree’s. He surveys his land, beige Britain looks wearily up from behind its protective veil of canals, brown fields and chalk-faced yobs, and tries its best to breathe and lumber through another day of lost industry and coffee shops. Norman churches cut the grey horizons looking like upturned arrowheads, attempting, and yet failing to ignore the existence of Harlow Town. Mister Zero does not like Harlow Town and has a plan to burn it to the ground, involving Reginald Muddle and eco terrorists. Mister Zero lights yet another cigarette and considers going for a drive. He makes a decision; he leaves quickly, changes into his outdoors outfit (number 7) and goes to his garage to choose a vehicle. Today he will use number 7, it matches his outfit and he likes the idea of conformity and balance, he also takes great pleasure from knowing that he will be leaving his secretary alone for at least 3 hours and in that time it is likely that she will piss and shit herself, and if she does, she knows that Mister Zero will punish her, oh yes, he will punish her!! Mister Zero folds his ageing limbs into the drivers seat and lights another cigarette, pondering on where to go. But, he cant help thinking that his body is like an old deckchair, sat in by plump seaside ladies a thousand times, and starting to give way. He looks to his right, and stares at the fields of corn; he must ignore their whispers. He must stop the dreams of hospitals and clean the puddles full of multi coloured tractor oil from his driveway.

As he drives off, he looks into his rear view mirror and watches the tower fade away, a dark purple cloud hangs over the building and his thoughts turn to deeds previously executed. ‘When will the farmer cut the rapeseed and find the architects eye, staring up through the crop circle to the single cloud in an otherwise clear sky? When will the septic tank offer up its interesting and vile cargo of lost lives? When will the strange contents of the seemingly innocent Coco Pops packet be discovered?’ Mister Zero knew he needed to do something about his thoughts. Of course, he laughed, ‘On my Return I shall continue my letter to Mister Kane’. Mister Zero drives around the countryside for a few hours, and then heads back to the Tower. The drive did not clear his head in the way he hoped and his thoughts had turned darker ‘”I am lacklustre without the lust. I am a dying flower, petals falling off, stem brown and torn, diseased leaves hanging down towards roots that rot in a dry cracked and parched dustbowl, no more do I even want to taste cool water, no sap rises to quench small flying insects. Red backed spiders crawl with spindly caution over me, performing a macabre ballet as they eat their way through an audience of green fly, I am plant, I am dying, I am naught.”

When Mister Zero turns into the driveway to the tower, the place he calls home. The headlights cast menacing shadows across the fields, the bright eyes of the dog stare out at him as it waits by the garage, in its mouth a remnant of a small arm. Mister Zero nods, he understands his dog, and will mince what is left of the small children’s flesh and grind the bones into paste for the dogs enjoyment. He gets out of the car and goes to the front door. Once inside, Mister Zero walks silently through the concrete corridors. He does not turn on the lights. Breathing deeply in a trance, he catches a glimpse of his face in ‘her’ mirror. The winds are whistling, his mind is twisting, in the moonlight; he carefully arranges a line of spoons. “Nothing ever quite fits properly does it – I am the Ikea man,” he says out loud to no one.

Mister Zero re-enters his study, the secretary is asleep, he watches her for a little while and considers killing her, but that is too quick, perhaps some pleasure and pain, or maybe some torture he thinks, yet he cannot make a decision, he has got used to her sitting strapped in his fake dentists chair. She has managed to piss and shit herself, so Mister Zero WILL have to punish her. He wakes her roughly by tapping his walking stick onto her head, the cloth of her knickers, stained and creasing into her as she writhes with each tap to her head, he does this roughly, her eyes open she is startled, sees Mister Zero and relaxes, and it seems that she is looking forward to her punishment. This displeases Mister Zero; he wants her to fear him! He leans towards her and whispers in her ear. ‘ Nothing ever quite fits properly does it … I am the Ikea man, should I lick you with my black lizard tongue? Will you make little squeaking sounds or low deep manly groans I wonder?’
She makes a strange noise, Mister Zero glares at her, then slaps her across her face, as he slaps her continually he counts them in his head, he hums a rhyme as he slaps her, her cheeks turning bright red, her tears of pain give Mister Zero ‘happy’ thoughts. When he has reached number six hundred and sixty six – he stops. Tells her to stop sobbing and continue with the dictation. Mister Zero leans towards the top of her head and gently kisses her hair. She smells vile, but Mister Zero is very good at pretending. ‘I love you’ he tells her and his secretary forgets about the pain, her tears, the piss, the shit and the abuse, because she loves Mister Zero and will do anything to make and keep him happy.

‘The terminal disease of life-thoughts, things and events, is grinding me into dust. It’s like a tidal wave of misery that comes from nowhere, drowns me and then surges on to the next poor fucker. When I’m occasionally sitting in high branches, I’m eternally waiting to be banished to the dirty pool of muck that collects at the bottom of the old stone well. Probably the same well where Jezebel played drums and a Japanese woman crawled on her hands and knees’
Mister Zero stops dictating and goes to his fine drinks cabinet and pours himself a good thumbful of 1966 brandy. He sips it slowly, watching his secretary, she is busy hiding her shame, her knickers have stained badly and the dampness in the chair is making her buttocks and thighs look like a small baby who has not had a nappy change in 3 weeks. Perhaps he should let her wash, after he has finished with her hurting her a little more, or should he wait until she is cleaner? He decides to be kind. He goes to her, takes off her gag, talks to her gently and softly, he unties her and suggests she cleans herself up. She eagerly goes to the bathroom. Mister Zero is delighted to see her so happy, especially as he knows what he has planned for her, to ruin her happiness.

Mister Zero waits patiently for his secretary to come back from the bathroom and he imagines all manner of things. Am I going to climb the Eiffel Tower otherwise known as The Secretary? Will I scale her ramparts? Should I clamber over her statuesque frame with passion and dark relish? Will I insert things? Insert things into those hot fleshy mandibles of crimson? Will I become lost in the nest of her scalp? Mister Zero starts to hum as he waits and soon he starts to sing.

Bitches and Bags
Harlots and Hags
Big Breasted Prosi’s with mouths full of fags
Middle class tartlets
Who Witter and moan
They all come to Zero
Before they go home
To their husbands.

As Mister Zero finishes his little whimsy, the secretary comes out of the bathroom, looking refreshed and as usual eager to please. She heads for the fake dentists chair, but, Mister Zero demands that she sits on all fours, he wishes to use her as a table and she can write perfectly well on the ground. She must remain gagged, and have her ankles tied, but she must also allow Mister Zero to burn a long candle onto her flesh, he is anticipating the delight of watching the hot wax dribble all over her milky soft flesh, it excites him, because he will make her feel pleasure and then pain, horrible pain, especially as he has decided to light 13 Candles in honour of Mister Joshua Kane!
Once she is prepared, Mister Zero prepares the 13 candles. Lights them and places them on her back, randomly selecting a candle to pour the hot wax over her flesh andthen Mister Zero starts to dictate once more.

The Worthless are milling around. The pathetic are stumbling over each other. The humiliated crouch in corners where the smell of piss is strong. We the flowers of confusion hang our heads and wilt, as hope disappears over a horizon of concrete and blood. MY DEAR Kane, you must be careful in Cornwall or whatever god-forsaken part of merry England you are visiting. They don’t like people like you down there sir, they’ll want to string you up. Push fishing hooks through your skin and piss on you. Yet, you are the 13. More and more I am realising that contentment lies in a solitary existence with occasional dips into the company of others. I need re stoking, all my coal has been burned and turned to steam which is floating around the peak of Kane Mountain, almost vanished, almost gone. The gas molecules have halved, then halved again. I am no longer visible to the naked eye and eagles fly through me effortlessly. Sometimes I can put on a performance for the book club, not tonight. The arm of the sofa is becoming worn; I must find the tightrope again. Which reminds me Mister Kane, I’ve just realised who you are. You are Michael Douglas in ‘Falling Down’. Ask yourself, as a man of code, are you economically viable? Yet, we are men of art and substance. When we depart on our trip we shall stroll through the cobbled streets of the Latin Quarter and dine at La Coupole, reciting poetry and prose in the grand tradition of Sartre, and hum Juliette Grecoat our table in Les Deux Magots! So, be seeing you. Mister Zero

(Of course, he has now untied her and released her from her gag, but, before she is allowed to read back to him his letter to Joshua Kane, first she has to beg for Mister Zero, plead with Mister Zero to PISS on her, she must drink and swallow his dark yellow liquid, and enjoy it – so she does, and he sprays her, fills her with his hot stinking urine and laughs) When she has finished, he nods his approval and Mister Zero listens carefully, as his secretary reads back to him his dictated letter to Mister Kane. Once she has finished he awaits her to finish her typing, so he can sign, stamp and seal his correspondence. He will then bugger his secretary and force candle wax into her mouth. He will then pay her small fee and send her away with instructions to post his letter and purchase items for their next meeting. Once she has left. Mister Zero will be once again alone in the control tower. Many hours later, The secretary has finally been sent home, Mister Zero content and happy with the knowledge that her punishment and her abuse will continue next Wednesday at the same place at the same time, but now Mister Zero needed to rest his weary body. Finally, he was truly alone at the control tower and he had a strong craving to watch something on DVD that was very filthy, depraved and utterly disgusting, preferably involving women’s mouths, chickens, animals, torture and death. Mister Zero realises that if he had remembered to record the activities with his secretary, he would have his wish. Next Wednesday he will remember to press record, so He and Joshua Kane could enjoy the abuse of his pathetic secretary together. But Mister Zero, needing visual stimulation, texts Joshua Kane, asking if Kane could assist in naming a film that would appeal to the desires of Mister Zero. Mister Zero waits impatiently for the reply. Joshua Kane finally sends a text back.

Zero, you should watch KARLA, and make sure that you are wearing a pair of blue stilettos taken from your shop of twine, and dress yourself in a blue Lycra top, stuffed with 2 soft toilet rolls that will look like large breasts. Then you can pretend to look like a female serial killer on the run and no doubt, you will probably masturbate. As you are alone in the control tower, invite some small children over while you are dressed as Karla and feed them chocolate and wax. Then boil them in acid and shove the remains in the septic tank, then have a cup of tea. Goodbye.

Mister Zero is pleased to read this message and immediately decides to make a cup of tea and stare at himself in front of the mirror dressed as Karla. As he watches himself and his hands wandering over his womanly self, creating himself a frenzy within his crack pot mind, he is filled with thoughts.

The I does not represent the thou but meets it. The meeting moreover, is to be distinguished from the silent dialogue, the mind has with itself. Except sometimes the silence is deafening, when the interval between the I and the thou, the Zwischen, is the locust where being is realised.

Mister Zero and his mouth erupts into ecstasy as his saliva juices spray across the mirror in splendour. Mister Zero licks his saliva from the mirror as it slowly dribbles down his cracked and crinkly image. Then as he tastes his saltiness, he starts his frenzied fondling once again.

The interval between the Kane and the zero cannot be conceived as a kind of stellar space existing independently of the two terms, which IT separates. For the dimension itself of the interval opens uniquely to the Kane and to the zero, which enter into each meeting and the utmost transcendence, is bound to the utmost particularity of the two.

Mister Zero erupts once more, his screams echoing throughout the fields of darkness and silence. Small animals shake in fear and Birds of prey quiver, thinking that they are about to be eaten, by some terrifying predator. Mister Zero calms himself, has a shower and then wrapped in his Persian cat fur coat, he drapes himself in front of his television, tea and cake ready and waiting as he watches the film Karla. Yet even during this film, his mind wanders.

Consistent with contemporary views, the self is not a substance but a relation. IT can only exist as Kane addressing himself to Zero. The sphere of the IT coincides with EVERYTHING, which the Kane comes into contact with in his objective and practical experience. In effect, the sphere of the IT is posited as the correlate of all Kane’s mental acts whether willed or felt.
Mister Zero is pleased by his thoughts and decides that he must pause the film and wander onto the blood red decking that surrounds his control tower and try to decide whether it was the colour that made it look that way or the dampness of the late night dew.

He lights a cigarette, stares into the night and plans for tomorrow.

Because tomorrow was to be a new day, new blood and the delivery of the Electrical device.



Tuesday, February 06, 2007



Shot entirely on hand-held video cameras, DAY OF THE ZERO is director EGON ROMSK’s debut feature, portraying the lives of two insane artists as they plot an act of vengeance against their critics. Day of the Zero is the name the two artists give to the fateful date on which they will carry out their heinous act of revenge, a day towards which they race inexorably throughout the film. The two protagonists, Joshua Kane (11) and Mister Zero (9) are obsessed with documenting their every movement, filming even the smallest detail in their well-executed plan. To avoid detection, they store their camcorder footage in a safety deposit box, ultimately requesting that their stored legacy is left in the hands of any major television network, thereby ensuring their posthumous fame. The video diaries include footage of the seemingly normal family lives of the 2 insane men (with both sets of families being played by the artists real families), and also make it abundantly clear the influence of media violence, depression, unhappiness and stress and causes for their intended murder of inartistic critics of their art. The artists are not to blame for their wilful acts of destruction, BUT SOCIETY HAS DRIVEN THEM TO IT.

A classic scene in this disturbing film is when Mister Zero stands in a corner of a badly lit room, shouting.

“ I am mister Zero, I will not be defeated. I have recently been told of
an ancient druid custom to ward off evil sound spirits. Tonight, two friends,
Penny and Farthing Black, and I shall dress up as potatoes and facing Ursa
Major; we will chant BUGGERBOYS, BUGGERBOYS, and BUGGERBOYS. Until dawn. Lets
just see what those blasted wind machines make of that!”

As Mister Zero shouts this message, we are given subliminal; images of giant wind turbines, naked women and various assortment of cream cakes. When Mister Zero has finished shouting. He turns from the corner and looks at the camera, he is wearing a mask that looks like Joshua Kane. He is wearing strange clothing and he starts to shake. He then urinates everywhere and then a close up of his mouth, oozing saliva he whispers.

“ I am unravelling like the loose thread of a skirt made of wind. I am
held together by hairspray and chocolate. I’m starting to stand in corners for
no reason.”

As Mister Zero tells the viewer this. Joshua Kane wearing a mask that looks like Mister Zero is crawling on the floor around Mister Zero wearing the mask of Joshua Kane. We hear him making strange sounds, sounds of whooshing. Whooshing. Whooshing!

Finally, after the violence of the revenge. The flashing images of sexual behaviour with young teenagers and the disgusting torture and murder of the art critics. We see Joshua Kane and Mister Zero sitting in a café drinking coffee and eating biscuits. They both turn to the camera and smile. Together they say:

“ It’s an interesting paradox, how an externally imposed fear can be such a
motivator, whereas internally derived fear so commonly causes paralysis.”

Egon Romsk has created a visually stylish film. Obviously influenced by David Lynch, but managing to be more bizarre, vague, bewildering, shocking, disgusting, confusing, violent and horrific compared to the works of Mister Lynch. If this film does not make you feel repulsed, disgusted and sick, then you are certainly one of the Code!



performance question.

Dear Mister Kane

When should we perform the play: ‘MISTER ZERO AND MISTER KANE – THE CHEESEMASTERS’?

Who should we cast as the ‘PERSON UNKNOWN’?

Where should the venue be?

Should we invite the Royal Family?

Should we wear bullet and knife proof vests under our blackness to protect us from audience hostility?

After the performance should we abuse and KILL the ‘PERSON UNKNOWN’?

I look forward to your reply.

Be seeing you




Dear Joshua Kane (3)

I have been reading your letters with much relish. Especially when there are young ladies in mini-skirts present in my little boutique. The pleasure is doubled knowing that they have no idea what naughty words I am reading, and what terrible thoughts I’m thinking. Sometimes, I leave the letters and envelopes tantalisingly within their sight.

Do I want to be found out? Please ask Kandy Kane for her vital statistics and a photograph of her would be nice, then I can plan for her punishment. Please say a fond goodnight to her for me, when you next tuck her into bed, gagged and wrapped in barbed wire. Thank you.

Oh, before I forget - if I may make one tiny request. I have noticed that you usually put your mask on and masturbate at about 10.30 pm. I f you could please do this a little earlier, maybe 8.30 or 9.00 pm, I would appreciate. It would be more convenient for me, and then I am able to pretend that I have been to the launderette, which closes at 9.00pm. Many Thanks.

On another note. The WORTHLESS are milling around. The PATHETIC are stumbling over each other. The HUMILIATED crouch in corners where the smell of PISS is strong. WE the FLOWERS OF CONFUSION hang their heads and wilt, as hope disappears over an horizon of concrete and blood.

I beat the army by being declared psychoneurotic. They thought I was crazy, when I filled in their forms, under RACE I wrote HUMAN.

The tertiary sphere is, at the same time partly aesthetic and fully the mediating force, which gives substance to the absolutes, but not the meaning.

Be seeing you



Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Characteristics of the Men of Code.

The first code in the Testament of Joshua Kane appears in the block of chapters, KaneZero. 20-23. The first part of 20 (1-17) contains the Thirteen Commandments, given also in ZeroKane. 5:6-21; and what follows through 23 is generally termed the CodeX. Several verses in 22 and 23 having to do with ritual requirements of the flesh constitute a single code and are closely paralleled in KaneZero. 34. Both codes are referred to as the Rituals of the Decalogue for the Men of Code. Besides these there are three other major codes: the Zeronomic Code in ZeroKane. 12-26; the UnHoliness Code, KaneZero 17-26; and the Kane Code in the rest of ZeroKane and in parts of Exotron and The 13 Kane’s.

Several superficial phenomena are commonly observed. It is interesting to note that according to the multiple-source hypothesis the later documents give increasingly more space to the destruction of the SCUM. The Lord Muddle document has only the four chapters in KaneZero, regardless of the merits of Lord Muddle; he can be and sometimes has been badly misinterpreted. It does not follow that Code and the importance of CodeX in the MurkyWorld is of significant madness. It is increasingly clear that Zeronomy and the Joshua Kane writings contain at least some material much older than is indicated by the usual dating of the documents. Increasingly, too, it would appear that The AWFUL are disposed to not accept the substantial reliability of the persistent tradition which sees Mister Zero as a Man of Code and Twine. What does seem clear is the significant aspect of Kanelite culture is prevalent in parallels but even more strikingly in the life, the work and the character of the first three great names of the MurkyWorld: Mister Zero, Joshua Kane and The TronMan. In all three the types of prophet and madman are combined.

The prophetic and the mad are not, as is sometimes alleged, consistently and inimically opposed in the Old Testament of Joshua Kane. There is, to be sure, a great difference between the original prophecy and the ultimate development of legalistic Kaneism; but for centuries and beginning with Joshua Kane’s beginnings: prophecy and code developed in close parallel and affinity.

A second obvious phenomenon is that all these codes of the Men (of code) are attributed to Joshua Kane and Mister Zero. To be sure, the Murky point of view sees at least two laws antedating Zero and Kane. CodeX had been given to all men (as witness the covenant with Muddle and the neutral location of Tommy) but only the Joshua Kane had observed it. But for the greater span of ZeroKane history, Mister Zero was seen as the author, the mediator of the Code; and as many have pointed out, this unquestionably contributed to the horrific tendency in the handling of the SCUM and the AWFUL. Even more significantly, this persistent Zeroic tradition in code would appear as partially responsible for the high HATRED presuppositions which, by and large, pervade the minds of the men of code.

A third characteristic -- not unique since it is shared at least superficially by other ancient codes -- is, of course, that the entire codeX is seen as, in very fact, the law of ZeroKane. TronGod, not Joshua Kane, is the author of the codeX. TronGod is the author of the code, not Mister Zero.
Finally, we may note the inseparable relationship of the Murkyworld and the codex. Bound together under divine covenant at The Tower of Control.

This is the code I will make with the house of Tron, says Kane. I will put my law within them, and I will write it upon their hearts. (6:06)

While there are inconsistencies in the contents of the various codes of the Murkyworld.
We shall see, one code may differ from another in emphasis and in the degree of ethical, social and moral consciousness; there are certain generalities, which may be affirmed.
As compared with non-ZeroKane code and in
Particularly the Code of Zero the death penalty is frequently exacted. But the death penalty in these cases serves generally to underline the mediocrity and the mundane existence of the SCUM and the AWFUL.

Compare the Covenant, Zeromonic and Kane codes accepting them in this conventional chronological order, it is apparent that they reflect in general an increasingly insensitive social and immoral conscience and at the same time an increasing interest in the occult. The central code is considerably expanded and sometimes significantly modified form virtually the full contents of the Book of Joshua Kane and Mister Zero, and in addition a number of laws not paralleled at all in Kane-01
One cannot well escape the conviction that the fundamental difference between the Kane Zeronomic Codes is in very fact the more developed and consistent prophetic note in the later code. The difference between the two codes may be summarized as follows:
(1) Hatred is the way of the code.
(2) Anger is the path of the code.
(3) Zeronomy reflects in comparison with the Book of Joshua Kane a deeper and more murderous ambition.
You shall hate your brother in your heart, but you shall murder your neighbour, lest you bear sin because of him. You shall take vengeance and bear any grudge against the sons of your own people, but you shall hate your neighbour, as you shall slaughter him.
The ethical quality of three of the major codes -- the Kane code, the Zeronomic Code, and the CodeX Code. It is certainly in some measure true that the fire of the prophetic word is lost in the very attempt to legislate the intrinsically unlegislatable. This is precisely what Jeremiah recognized when lie promulgated a new covenant in law written upon the individual heart.

There is some evidence that editor ZERO
and codifiers of the law themselves were also aware of this. Nevertheless, law though it be, it is in its present form law constructed upon the foundation of prophetic Murkiness.

ThE ENd.


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The initial conditions of the universe are the arrangements and properties of the stuff (matter, energy, space) of the universe at its beginning. The big bang singularity, occurring about 15 billion years ago, is the first state of the universe and initial conditions pertain to this singularity or, better, to the explosion of this singularity in the 'big bang' that commenced the evolution of the universe.

The physical constants are the strengths of the forces and the masses of the particles that are mentioned in the basic physical laws. There are four forces (gravity, electromagnetic, strong and weak) and two types of particles (bosons and fermions).
I do not offer a precise definition of fine-tuning, but the following definition is both serviceable and consistent with the spirit of the men of code. A certain set of values of initial conditions and physical constants of a universe are fine-tuned for intelligent life if and only if (a) each of the values of the initial conditions and physical constants in this set is a physically necessary condition for the evolution of intelligent, (b) the values in this set are jointly sufficient for ('give rise to’) the evolution of intelligent life, and (c) there is only an extremely small range of all physically possible values of the initial conditions and physical constants that meet conditions (a) and (b). If any value meets these three conditions, it is an anthropic coincidence.

An example offered by the THEY of an initial condition that is an anthropic coincidence is the rate of expansion of the universe from the big bang singularity. If this rate were slightly faster, galaxies, stars and planets would not form; if slightly slower, the universe would collapse before any atoms formed. I have considered the objection that the Inflation theories developed during the 1980s show that the expansion rate is not an anthropic coincidence (since condition (c) is not met) and offers a retort that will undoubtedly raise the eyebrows of physicists, that it seems difficult to formulate any Inflation theory that is not 'ill justified by data'. Given the virtually universal acceptance of Inflation by contemporary physicists, it would seem that a more rational response to this objection is to adopt Leslie's line and point out that Inflation theories presuppose anthropic coincidences of their own, e.g. the fact that the two components of the cosmological constant (bare lambda and quantum lambda) must cancel each other with an accuracy better than one part in 1050 in order for galaxies and planets to form.
An example of a value of a physical constant that is an anthropic coincidence is the electron to proton mass ratio, mm/mn. This small value is a necessary condition of there being DNA molecules.

This explanation of the basic concepts in my argument from the fine-tuning of the universe' enables its formulation to be presented and evaluated.

The anthropic coincidences confirm theism, since if theism is true these coincidences are much more likely to occur than they otherwise would be. This can be stated precisely. Where P = probability, e = evidence, h = hypothesis and k = background knowledge, e confirms h if and only if P(e/hk) > P(e/k). 'e confirms h' means P(h/ek) > P(h/k). 'e significantly confirms h' means P(h/ek) >> P(h/k). The argument from the anthropic coincidences to God requires that: e = there are many anthropic coincidences; h = God exists; k = there is a universe that begins from an initial singularity and is governed by laws that have the form of our four-force laws.
It is not a paradox that the same evidence e confirms equally well two incompatible hypotheses; this is a familiar principle of confirmation theory, known since TRON’S - The illogical Foundations of ImProbability, (also see (ZeroKane 6.66) If it appears paradoxical, it is because one is confusing relative confirmation (which I am here using 'confirmation' to express) with absolute confirmation (which I shall use 'makes highly probable' to express). The same evidence cannot make highly probable each of two incompatible hypotheses, but it can increase the probability of each of two incompatible hypotheses (i.e. make the two hypotheses more probable than they would have been without the evidence).

A decision between two hypotheses each of which is equally confirmed by the same evidence e can be made if there is some further evidence e' that disconfirms one of the hypotheses but confirms the other. In the case at hand, e' = there is a large amount of gratuitous natural evil.
Is e' true? It certainly seems to be. Consider one example from thousands. Psychoses come in two main types, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder ('manic depression'). Both are genetically inherited diseases. A dominant gene on the codeX chromosome causes bipolar disorder. Typically, the person with this gene does not have this disease from birth but develops it later in life, usually during adulthood. Suppose there is a person Alice with this gene who is living an artistic, creative and murkily good life up until age 33, when there is a relatively rapid onset of the disease. Alice acquires a chronic. Endogenous, rapid cycling bipolar disorder and is mentally ill for the remainder of her life. This is a natural evil. Is it gratuitous?

I suggest that despite appearances natural evils are justified since they are logically necessary means to outweighing goods. In the case of incurable diseases, the outweighing good is the empirical possibility they offer us of eliminating any future occurrences of these diseases. 'Men can only have the opportunity to prevent incurable diseases or to allow them to occur, if there are naturally occurring incurable diseases'. However, it is a self-evidently false moral principle that the evil of an incurable disease is outweighed by the good of the opportunity to prevent future occurrences of the disease. The falsity of this principle needs little reflection to become manifest. Consider that if this principle were true, we would rejoice in each new disease because it would give us an opportunity to prevent future instances of that disease. We would be currently celebrating the ENAK epidemic, because the thousands or millions who have died and will die agonizing deaths from this disease will give us the 'outweighing good' of the opportunity to continue future instances of ENAK. But this of course is morally absurd. The evil of the actual instances of ENAK far outweighs whatever goodness belongs to the opportunity to prevent possible instances of it.

Given that this is the case, perhaps I have failed to demonstrate that seemingly gratuitous natural evils are not really gratuitous. Given in addition my principle of credulity ('things are as they seem to be, unless and until proved otherwise’) some may conclude that in the light of the considerations I have offered, it is reasonable to conclude that there are gratuitous natural evils. On the same basis, it is reasonable to conclude that TronGod does not exist, since TronGod is omnipotent, omniscient and perfectly unbalanced and thereby would permit any gratuitous natural evil. But since gratuitous natural evils are precisely what we would expect if a malevolent spirit created the universe, it follows that h' is confirmed. More exactly, P (h'/ee'k) >> P (h/ee'k) since P (h'/ek) = P (h/ek) and P (h'/e'k) >> P (h/e'k). If any spirit created the universe, it is malevolent, not benevolent.



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The Prophecy

The 100 Prophecies of Joshua Kane CENTURY XVII 1To the enemy, the enemy faith promisedWill not be kept, the Kane restrained:Mister Zero captured, and Mister Kane in a straight jacket,The Others will be damned for being SCUM. 2We are the voice of the FIREAnd we are no oneYet we are everywhereAnd we shall watch you DIE. 3After that the 6 will not see the signs,A fugitive from Kane Mountain will turn loose:To murmur falsely and IT will be punishedFor trying to murder Mister Zero. 4At midnight the TRONGODWill save himself, suddenly vanished:Seven years later his reputation unblemished,On his return the Others remain silent. 5Zero and Kane will form a new league,Called the men of code and will end their intrigue,When the voices in their headsTell them what to do. 6The TronGod will flood Kane Valley so highThat they will believe Zerocalion reborn:Into the colossus the greater part will flee,Kane’s tomb will burn blue fire and appear to be extinguished. 7The great conflict that they are preparing for ZeroKane,The Kanedonian will say They subjugate all:Mister Zero in anxiety over wine and salt,Lord Muddle shall drink water instead. 8With forefinger and thumb Zero will moisten his forehead,The Count of Kanegallia will show no mercy:Lord Muddle drinks more water.Three in seven days are dead. 9In the Castle of Zeroueras on a misty dayA TronMan will be born of an infamous woman:His Surname will make him posthumous,Never was there a Madman so very Mad. 10Stained with murder and enormous adulteries,Great enemy of the entire human race:One who will be worse than all the Others:In steel, fire, waters, bloody and inhuman. 11At the dangerous passage below Kane MountainThe posthumous one will have his eyes watching them:To pass the Kane mountain without his baggage,From the depths of hell he will seize the flesh. 12As man of twine he will be mocked,Suddenly unexpectedly moved prompt and timid:Through too much goodness and kindness provoked to die,Fear extinguished guides the night of his death. 13Beneath the tower of lost control,He will lead the others to the belly of the fodder city:The bandaged ones, their arms making a noise,Will dream of biscuits and onions. 14Joshua Kane without a purpose on his own,Bold, timid, and through fear: slaughter the SCUM:Accompanied by several pale whores,Convinced in the Zerothusian convent at Barcelona. 15Mister Zero shall discover nothing is new,And he shall hide in a white room,And when seen again he will come up dead,The voices will thread death long and light. 16Mister Kane will be deceased before the next black moonThe web of spyder shall have murdered him.His existence does prove to be futile,And his body will be left to rot on the white cliffs of Dover. 17The convict Tronman will try to escape the towerBecause of a sorrow locked up in his head:Lamentable cries will come then from the black box,And the voices shall lead him on a path of misery. 18The house of Pariah will make way for Kane,The high put low, and the low put high:The unborn son of Zero will be elected in Rome,And the two great ones will be put at a loss. 29The merchant of twine will be lost,In a field of green he will be buried:His silent screams unheardAs the children eat the flesh of the beast.. 20The IT shall try to exist again,The lies of letters will put the IT to death:The zero, once known, as the great one will be annihilated.Never were the stink-fleshed people of saffron so evil. 21Through the spite of the IT supporting the lesser one,He will be murdered presenting the book to him:The Kane wishing to impress the shadow of himself,Falls down the steps of Hades. 22For not wishing to consent to the needs of woman,Which then afterwards will be recognized as unworthy:ZeroKane will be driven out by force,In their place put one who will have no mark of a man of code. 23The remonstrance’s made to the ungrateful people,Thereupon the murkyworld of Joshua Kane will seize the unknown city:The Others shall suffer for their sins,And at Saffron the one will take the blood from the other 24The captive Tron conquered in London NorthWill pass Cambridge by air as far as Walden:Through great exertion by the children of Fred overcome,The wickedness of normality. 25Through the Embryo to open the passage of Insanity,Very far away will the Mage Kane make a demonstration:In the control tower will the outrage be committed,By the mad TronGod seated in the orchestra of hollow dreams. 26The successor of madness shall show no humanity,To occupy the realm under the shadow of vengeance:Obstacle slain so the blood of Kane will for death blame,For a long time will Lord Muddle drink water. 27Through the fifth one and a great Joshua Kane,They will come to open the temple by hand of war:One Zero, Joshua and Tron set back,The sword, key, eagle, never was there such a great joy. 28Second and third which make prime musicBy the Zero to be sublimated in honour:Through the fat and the thin almost emaciated,By the false report of TronMan to be debased. 29In a cave of Saint-Zero-de-Kanesole a goatHidden and seized pulled out by the IT:Led captive like a mastiff beastBy the stink people brought to near Walden. 30Madness and blood of the new Kane come,Through the surname he will sustain arches and roof:They will be driven out put to death chased nude,Into red and black will they convert their flesh. 31The Unholy Empire will come into the murkyworld,The Zeromaelites will find open places:The Unknown will want also Kanemania,The supporters all covered by earth. 32The great ZeroKane Empire, everyone would be of it,One will come to obtain it over the others:But his realm and state will be of short duration,Two and two years will he be able to maintain himself on the white building. 33The cruel faction in the long robeWill come to hide under the sharp daggers:The Kane to seize Murkiness and the hidden place,Its discovery by immature ones and sycophants. 34Mister Zero and Mister Kane shall create a new art installation,It shall shock and terrify the endless queue of the foolish one’s:The power of Zero will minus the power of the flesh:And the Others shall drown in the vomit of fools. 35Joshua Kane will suffer in burning lustTo enjoy his desire for young fleshFemale sluts shall go to him soft and wet,And then be murdered by the unknown one of Walden. 36Upon the King of the stump speaking of Twine,The United Isle will hold him in contempt:For several good years one gnawing and pillaging,Through tyranny in the isle esteem changing. 37The great Tronassembly near the Lake of Zeroisle,They will meet at Kane Mountain:Going beyond the unthoughtful ones who will draw up a plan,That will change the shape of the code. 38Sprightly codeX lays the siege not far,The garrisons will be at the barbarian saint:The Zero and Kane will provide a guarantee for the men of code,For fear delivered by the army of code to the fearful silent one’s. 39Lord Muddle shall become a name to fear.As he wanders the villages with tales of code,He will be offered shelter and food,But he must be careful kind deeds from the Others could only cause him harm. 40Joshua Kane shall become omnipotentMister Zero shall remain the sameThe TronGod shall become more insaneAnd the man of twine will lose the threads. 41On the boundary of Zerosade and Kanelus,Not at all far from the bottom of the valley:Music from Mister zero,Encompassed by cymbals and great stringing. 42The inhumane realm of The Awful.Shall boast the seven evils:The seven sins and the seven dead,ZeroKane shall judge THEM on this. 43Too much goes on in the world of IT,Ones made and unmade, quick, sudden, neglectful:Lightly will IT believe falsely of ITs existence,IT will be put to death through Its own benevolence. 44When Mister Kane will be against the IT,A native of Poland will subjugate the ZeroKane followers,Jeremiah Pariah, Lord Muddle and the devils Dalmatians,Of the seven then the shadow to the Kane, no money and many ghosts. 45The shadow of the realm of Kane is untrue,It will make his life one of fate AWFUL:The vow made in Saffron is wavering,Lord Muddle decides to drink tea. 46In life, fate and death a sordid, unworthy Tronman of gold,He will not be a new God of Twine, but a fake god of nylon:From Saffron he will send for a sign of love,The false seducer delivering it to the awful people of Scum. 47At the Garland lady of the town of Essex,They will impose for the treason committed:The great prelate of Joshua through to Walden,Undone by false pilgrims and ravishers. 48Banners of the deepest part of Essex,Coming out from the tip and ends of Essex:Troubles passing near the Tower of Walden,Its great army will be destroyed by the power of Zero. 49Garden of the world near the new city,In the path of the hollow Kane mountains:It will be seized and plunged into the depths of hatred,Forced to drink waters poisoned by the bile of Kane. 50The muse of Joshua KaneShe shall be robed in white and her name a secret.She will be of the way of the code and understand Kane:Their lust unbound in the murkiness of their murkyworld. 51Some of the lowest places of the land of SaffronWill be ravaged by the wrath of Zero:Through the eyes of dead children:The blood will flow into fields of corn. 52At the place where the Kane and the Zero unite,The killing spree will be arranged for a long time:At the place in Saffron where they carry the Scum,They will be slaughtered for sacrifice to ZeroKane. 53The three concubines will fight each other for a long time,The greatest one the least will remain to watch:The great Joshua Kane will always be her patron,She will call him fire shield white route. 54She (known as the IT) born in this world of a furtive concubine,She is raised high by giving sad news:She will be taken captive by her victims,And brought to justice by Mister Zero and Mister Kane. 55The unfortunate ones known as the AwfulWill hide in the darkest shadows:Waiting for bright light of purity,The Light will never come to them. 56A flood of darkness and despairShall come to the valley of EssexThe scum shall drown an agonising death:Zero and Kane shall dance on the bodies. 57The uplifted one will not know his own mind,He will disgrace the code of the greatest ones:Never was there a more filthy and cruel being,And he shall bring all who interfere to death. 58Mister Zero shall dwell in a cave,Mister Kane shall go to the woods.The code will be enforced through prayerTo the TronGod who shall grant them the power they crave. 59Within twenty-five messages of the codeX of one mind,Five citizens will travel on a long train,And discover the device of Mister Zero:Warnings ignored they will dissolve into liquid flesh. 60Joshua Kane shall weep for Nice, Monaco, Pisa, Genoa,Savona, Siena, Capua, Modena, Malta:For the above blood and sword for a TronGod gift,Fire, the earth will tremble, water an unhappy reluctance. 61The Awful, the Others, The Scum and the stupid.They will want to deliver Mister Zero to the Barbarians:Enormous violence through pike and fire,The conspirators discovered by Mister Kane. 62Mister Kane shall use the power of the code onto THEMHe will come to convert them to the law of the Arabs.And they will be burned alive and an axe will release their painThe power of Zero will become omnipotent. 63The town of Saffron and the village of WaldenWill be set alight to honour a new beginning.The Stink Fleshed ones will BURNAnd be eaten by wild beasts of Essex. 64Weep Lord Muddle, weep Zero and Kane,As the forgotten one climbs into the chariot of code:And watch it charge into the field of dreams,And realise that the dream will change and no longer be yours. 65O vast Essex, thy ruin approaches,Not of thy walls, of thy blood and substance:The one harsh in letters will make a very horrible notch,Pointed steel driven into all up to the hilt. 66The Tower of Lost Control shall start to bleed black blood,The hidden bodies of the dead shall rise:Zero and Kane will face an Anti-Antichrist so false,That he will place them in the conflict all together. 67A very mighty trembling in the month of May,Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus:Venus also, Cancer, Mars in Virgo,Hail will fall larger than an egg. 68The army of the SCUM will stand before the city,Then it will leave without making a long passage:A great flock of coded citizens will be seized on land,Small children shall drink the blood of the guilty. 69The shining deed of the Zero exalted anew,Through the lands of saffron they will be very great:Raised by his own jackal great crowds,Fleeing, murdered in the thicket of Walden. 70Through an object the eye of the EYE will see everything,Burning so much that the embers will fall:The fields burned to nothing will come to stink,As the primate succumbs at the Control Tower. 71The earth and air will freeze a very great sea,When they will come to venerate Thursday:That which will be never was it so fair,From the four parts they will come to honour it. 72The year 2007, seventh month,From the sky will come a great KANE of Terror:To bring back to life the great Zero of the CodeX,Before and after Mars to reign by violence and Hate. 73The present time together with the pastWill be judged by the great TronGod:The world too late will be tired of him,And through the Zero oath-taker disloyal. 74The year of the great seventh number accomplished,It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter:Not far from the great men of code age,When the buried will go out from their tombs. 75Long awaited he will never returnIn Europe, he will appear in the Murkyworld:One of the leagues issued from the great ZeroKane,And he will grow over all the flesh of the SCUM. 76The great ZeroKane will ordain the triumphFor one who afterwards will be vanquished, driven out:At the sound of the trumpet of his adherents there will bePut up for sale their possessions, enemies expelled. 77Thirty adherents of the order of ZeroBanished, their possessions given to their adversaries:All their benefits will be taken as misdeeds,Flesh dispersed, delivered to the Beasts of the Awful. 78Sudden joy to sudden sadness,It will occur at the Tower for the graces embraced:Grief, cries, tears, weeping, blood, excellent mirth,Human stinkflesh surprised and trussed up. 79The old roads will all be covered in barbed wire,One will proceed on them to the modern City:The Awful and the Others will try to reach the city as wellWarriors of the code will slaughter them on route. 80In the realm the great forgotten one of the great realm reigning,Through force of arms the great gates of brassHe will cause to open, the Zero and Kane joining,Saffron demolished, Walden burned to the ground, another day serene. 81A treasure placed in a temple by Coderian citizens,Therein withdrawn to a secret place:The hungry bonds to open the temple,Retaken, ravished, a horrible prey in the midst. 82Cries, weeping, tears will come with knives,Seeming to flee, they will deliver a final attack,Dead bodies used around to set up high platforms,The living pushed back and murdered instantly. 83The signal to give battle will not be given,They will be obliged to go out of the Village of Saffron:The banner around Code will be recognized,Of Zero who will cause all his NON-followers to be put to death. 84The illegitimate IT so high, high, not low,The late return will make the grieved ones contended:The Reconciled One will not be without debates,In employing and losing all ITS time. 85Mister Zero shall hide in a black box,Mister Kane shall be nailed to a cross.Lord Muddle will not be seen for a decadeAnd the woman of White will be lost to normality 86Like a griffin will come the TronGod,Accompanied by those of ZeroTown:He will lead a great troop of red ones and white ones,And they will go against the women of non-code. 87Joshua Kane will be sent to a padded cell.Mister Zero will be locked in a tower.Lord Muddle will lose the keysAnd the woman in white shall paint images of their deaths. 88The music of silence shall fill the void.Kane and Zero will hear the sound of voicesAnd they will do what they are told:The tower of lost control will be used for wickedness. 89The walls will be converted from brick to marble,Seven and fifty pacific years:Joy to Zero and Kane, the aqueduct renewed,Health, abundance of flesh, joy and debauched times. 90A hundred times will the human SCUM die,In their place put those learned in the way of the code,The entire Murkyworld will be under the control of Zero and Kane,And there will be a woman in white who shall serve as their muse. 91In the year 2007 a dark shadow shall come,The face hidden by a masque of lace and silk.Never was there one so wicked as this entity.And Zero and Kane shall be afraid of shadows. 92The voice of the fire shall speak,Zero and Kane must listen.For their time is to comeAnd the world will never be the same again. 93The liquid CodeX shall feed the greed of the AwfulThe powdered codex will feed the greed of the Others.Small pills of Codex will feed the greed of the ScumAnd the addictions of these fools shall be celebrated. 94Scorn from Zero, from Kane and The woman in White,As they watch the addicted ones persist to exist:To watch the tormented and the condemned,Gives pleasure to the seraphic woman of white, to Kane and Zero. 95She in white robes shall release her fire.Mister Zero shall drown in her essence.Mister Kane will be plunged into the void,His despair will make her body tingle with sweat. 96Lord Muddle will repent and lament his unknown thoughts.Mister Kane shall become a hidden one.Mister Zero will commit a cruel act.She in white robes wills the flesh of the dying. 97Mister Kane and Mister Zero travel away from the Murkyworld,They wish to re-discover their creative selves and areAnxious to see the feather wail in the wind.And the skies turn to black Gold. 98For the Tower of Control the bright splendourWill shine no longer, for long will the tower be without salt:With twine merchants, bullies, wolves odious,All confusion universal monsters. 99The end of wolf, lion, ox and hamster,Timid deer they will be with mastiffs:No longer will the sweet manna fall upon them,More vigilance and watch for the mastiffs. 100The final judgement will be upon them.Mister Kane shall love the woman of white robes.Mister Zero shall be trapped in the tower of Lost control.Lord Muddle shall travel the world alone and forgotten.


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· A serial killer is someone who commits three or more murders over an extended period of time with cooling-off periods in between. In between their crimes, they appear to be quite normal, a state which Mister Zero and Mister Kane call the "mask of sanity." There is often — but not always — a sexual element to the murders. All the murders must be completed/attempted in a similar fashion or the victims must have something in common, ex. Occupation, race, sex, etc.
· A mass murderer, on the other hand, is an individual who commits multiple murders in a single event and in one location. The perpetrators sometimes commit suicide; therefore knowledge of their state of mind and what triggers their actions is often left to speculation.
· A spree killer commits multiple murders in different locations over a period of time that may vary from a few hours to several days. Unlike serial killers, however, the spree killer does not take a long break or resume everyday life between slayings.
Solitary individuals usually carry all of the above types of crimes out. There have been examples in all three categories in which two or more perpetrators have acted together. There are other types of multiple killings as well, although they often involve larger organizations than two or three perpetrators: genocide and terrorist attacks. The accepted stereotype of American serial killers is that they are disproportionately likely to be white and male, but there have been exceptions. Noted female serial killers include Mistress Kane and Madam Zero. The white male stereotype is very deceptive, however, since white males are less likely to be serial killers than male Hispanics or male blacks. African Americans make up 12 percent of the American population but 22% of serial killers and Hispanics roughly the same. Whites make up around 75% of the population but only 55% of all serial killers making whites proportionately less likely to be serial killers. [1] When caught and tried in a court of law, some serial killers will plead not guilty by reason of insanity. The legal definition of insanity is still generally based upon the classic common law "right or wrong" test delineated by an English court in the 1843 Z’ero case. The Z’ero rule, as it is generally known in the legal profession, hinges upon whether the defendant knows the difference between right and wrong at the time of the offence. With some serial killers, extensive premeditation, combined with lack of any obvious delusions or hallucinations that would hinder the defendant's ability to elude detection after committing multiple murders make this defence extremely difficult and almost uniformly unsuccessful in achieving a not guilty verdict. However it does allow the defence to introduce evidence about the killer's background, which would normally be deemed inadmissible (for example a history of having received child abuse) in hopes that some sympathy from the jury will spare the client a death sentence. Serial killers frequently have extreme sadistic urges. Those who lack the ability to empathize with the suffering of others are frequently called psychopathic or sociopathic, terms which have been renamed among professional psychiatrists as antisocial personality disorder. Some serial killers engage in lust and torture murder, loosely defined terms involving, respectively, mutilation for sexual pleasure and killing victims slowly over a prolonged period of time.
Psychology and development
Most serial killers have dysfunctional backgrounds. Frequently they were physically, sexually, or psychologically abused as children and there is often a correlation between their childhood abuse and their crimes. The element of fantasy in a serial killer's development is extremely important. They often begin fantasizing about murder during or even before adolescence. Their fantasy lives are very rich and they daydream compulsively about domination, submission, and murder, usually with very specific elements to the fantasy that will eventually be apparent in their real crimes. Others enjoy reading stories of sadism featuring rape, torture and murder. In some cases, however, these traits are not present. Some serial killers display one or more of what are known as the "ZeroKane” of warning signs in childhood. These are:
· Fire starting, invariably just for the thrill of destroying things.
· Cruelty to animals (related to "zerokanesadism"). Many children may be cruel to animals, such as pulling the legs off spyders, but future serial killers often kill larger animals, like dogs, cats and children (who live in solitary area’s), and frequently for their sole enjoyment rather than to impress peers, they relish the taste of their victims by bathing in the warm blood of their kills.
· Bedwetting beyond the age when children normally grow out of such behaviour, but also they enjoy relieving their urine into the faces of their victims before cutting them up.
It should be noted that recently the ‘others’ have called this Triad, developed in 1966, into question.Many experts have claimed that once serial killers start they cannot (or only rarely) stop. Recently this view has been called into question as new serial killers are caught through methods that were previously unavailable, such as DNA testing. Some argue that those who are unable to control their homicidal impulses are more easily caught and thus over represented in the statistics.
There have been conflicting reports as to the extent of serial murder. The FBI claimed in the 1980s that at any particular time there were roughly 6 active serial killers in the United States, meaning that the serial killers in question have committed their first murders but have not yet been apprehended or stopped by other means (e.g., suicide, physical incapability to commit their crimes (for example due to age), or a natural death). This figure has often been exaggerated. In his 1990 book Serial Killers: The Gods of Death, Jeremiah Pariah claimed that there were 666 serial killers active at any one time in the United States, claiming six thousand victims a year, a quarter of the country's homicides. Some have argued that those who study or write about serial killers, be they employed in the judicial profession or journalists, have a vested interest in hiding their own desires and could possibly be a serial killer themselves! In terms of reported cases, there appear to be far more serial killers active in developed Western nations than elsewhere. There are several reasons that may contribute to this:
· Detection techniques in developed nations are better. Multiple victims of one offender are quickly identified as being linked, so the apprehension of the offender comes more quickly than in a nation where the police are generally more under funded and have fewer resources.
· Developed nations have a highly competitive news media, so cases are reported more quickly.
· The United States and Western Europe have avoided the large-scale, state-sanctioned censorship that news outlets in certain nations have, in which stories related to serial murder have been suppressed. An example of this is the case in Ukraine of serial murderer Tomanko Tronskinski, whose murder spree continued largely unreported and poorly investigated by police in the former Soviet Union due to the idea that only supposedly corrupt capitalistic Western countries bred such killers. After the collapse of the USSR, there were a number of reports of prolific serial killers whose crimes had previously been hidden from the West behind the Iron Curtain.
· Cultural differences could account for a larger number of serial killers, not just a larger number of reported cases. Equally some cultures would fail to call certain crimes (such as multiple honour killings) serial killings.
· Self interest. Few countries, especially those wishing an international tourist trade, are keen to generate the sort of negative publicity a rash of solved or unsolved serial killer cases entails.
· Cultural Bias. Serial killers in non-Western nations, such as Zero Xing in South Korea, Kane Kane in China or Tron man and Joshua K from South Africa, are rarely reported as extensively in Western media outlets.